Frank Xu is a veteran engineer with over 25 years of field experience and a track record of identifying solutions rather than finding problems.

As a long-term educational advocate, Frank has been a champion of the Tutoring for Change program in partnership with Solutions for Change, providing academic tutoring services for kids living in homeless shelters. Frank also served as a board member of the Educational Technology Advisory Committee and Budget Review Advisory Committee in Poway Unified School District.

A dedicated community volunteer, Frank serves on the boards of the Rancho Penasquitos Town Council, La Jolla Lions Club and San Diego Asian Americans for Equality.

Frank Xu is a leading statewide figure in the fight against race-based policymaking. As a leader of the No on Prop. 16 Campaign in 2020, Frank led the civil-rights focused effort to safeguard a constitutional ban on the use of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin in hiring and admissions decisions. His leadership helped secure a 57.2% victory for the No on Prop 16 Campaign. Today, Frank continues to advocate for equality and civil rights as President of the Californians for Equal Rights Foundation.