Prepare our students for a globally competitive workforce

As a board trustee, I will advocate for policies, programs and courses to prepare Palomar College students for gainful careers upon graduation. I will also support programs that build bridges between our students and local businesses to increase students’ practical knowledge of the real world. San Diego is home to a growing technology and life sciences industry and we need to be graduating students ready to fill those innovative new job opportunities.

Support student mental health on campus

The health and wellness of our students should be a top priority for the governing board, particularly with regards to mental health. As the pandemic made the mental health of our students ever more visible, we unfortunately saw too many districts make the wrong decisions that compromised the mental health of their students. We can never allow that to happen again. Moving forward, Palomar needs to place the mental health of our students at the forefront of our decision making.

Champion fiscal responsibility and transparency

As a taxpayer living in this school district, I understand how precious every tax dollar means for the operations of Palomar College and acknowledge the fiscal responsibility the Governing Board must assume. If I am elected, I will promote financial transparency and make sure every dollar the school district spends is thoroughly evaluated. We must make the contractors and service providers accountable to deliver measurable project results and quality education. 
I am a veteran engineer with over 25 years of field experience and a track record of identifying solutions rather than finding problems. Easier said than done. No problem can solve itself. For good solutions to emerge, all possible outcomes and alternative scenarios must be evaluated in a rational and scientific manner. Emotion-based non-solutions have no place in my book and I am ready to roll up my sleeves for real solutions!

Promote diversity of thought on campus

As an immigrant from China, I understand the paramount role of free speech and free thought in facilitating prosperity and creativity in society and prospects for its future generations. If elected, I will encourage open political dialogue and debate. I will work to take politics and political agendas out of the decision-making process and put our focus back on educating our students and preparing them for careers.

Strengthen Career-focused Programs at Palomar

Palomar has some great programs like the Police and Fire Academies, Water and Wastewater Technology Program, and Unmanned Aerial Systems training program. These programs allow students to learn an in-demand skill at Palomar and have direct access to job openings in the community. I will continue to strengthen these programs and encourage partnerships with local employers.

In particular, Palomar College is a critical training facility for our local first responder departments. While past board members have tried to politicize the Police Academy at Palomar, I will instead work with my colleagues and the community to strengthen these academies so that we can have more homegrown, well-trained peace officers and firefighters keeping our County and community safe. 

Ensure Drug-Free Campuses

Our community college campuses should be safe, healthy learning environments conducive to the academic, social, and emotional success of our students. Part of accomplishing that goal means we need to proactively ensure that we are maintaining drug-free campuses. I will work with campus police and counselors to make sure we are communicating and enforcing the drug free policies of the district and intervening when necessary to get drugs off campus.