Special Interest Group Pours Tens of Thousands of Dollars into the Race for the Palomar Community College Board

For Immediate Release

October 5th, 2022


SAN DIEGO, CA – This past week, over $133,000 was injected into the race for the Palomar Community College Governing Board. Latest campaign finance filings show a special interest group, the Palomar Faculty Federation (PFF), is sending an unprecedented amount of campaign funds into races in support of its endorsed candidates running for the Palomar Community College Board. PFF is a special interest group that directly negotiates and bargains with the Palomar Community College Board of Trustees, creating a blatant conflict of interest for the potential trustees who have directly accepted contributions from the group.


PFF’s heavy handed approach is particularly acute in Area 1, where Frank Xu competes against PFF-backed Judy Patacsil. Patacsil has received the entirety of her campaign funding, roughly $64,000 from PFF, which also gave around $35,000 to its endorsed candidates in Areas 4 and 5, respectively. The amount of special interest group money invested in the race is significantly higher than in previous years. In 2020, the same groups spent roughly $75,000 on Palomar elections.


“The unprecedented amount of money flowing into these community college board races  presents a serious conflict of interest for would be trustees receiving the funds, and is dangerously close to outright corruption,” commented Frank Xu, candidate for Palomar College Board Trustee Area 1. “How can taxpayers and students expect fair representation in contract negotiations and the collective bargaining process when the trustees are being bankrolled by the very groups they are negotiating with?”


Frank continued, “Unlike my opponent who has solely relied on special interest groups to fund her campaign, every one of my donors is a community member interested in seeing improved educational quality and excellence in our local community college system.”


Frank Xu is a community leader, non-profit executive, and parent running for the Palomar Community College Board. He is running on a platform of preparing Palomar students for a globally competitive workforce, supporting campus mental health, investing in career-focused programs, promoting viewpoint diversity, and championing fiscal responsibility and accountability.


The Palomar Community College District is governed by a five-member governing board, directly elected by voters within the jurisdiction. Frank is running for Trustee Area 1, which includes a small part of Poway, Rancho Peñasquitos, Carmel Mountain, 4-S Ranch, Southwestern Escondido, Harmony Grove, and San Elijo Hills.


For more information about Frank and his campaign, please visit www.FrankXuForPalomar.com