As an immigrant from China, I understand the paramount role of free speech in facilitating prosperity and creativity of a society and prospects for its future generations. Sadly, many cultural currents and undercurrents in the United States today, rooted in toxic identity politics and group think, manifesting as Critical Race Theory, Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, have started to erode freedom of speech.


Why I Am

The Palomar College's Human Resources Department is considering including an “anti-racism” question for all job candidates. How is this constitutional and how can upholding the club of “anti-racism” advance diversity of thoughts, a vital part of higher education?  

If elected, I will do my best to stop this institution from becoming a single-minded political machine that suppresses dissent and belittles differences. I will work with our community stakeholders to take politics and political agendas out of this college. We must put our focus back to true education! 


As a long-term educational advocate, I appreciate the tremendous values of true education! Education is the single most important vehicle to improve one's life! That's why I have championed the Tutoring for Change program in partnership with Solutions for Change to provide academic tutoring services for kids living in homeless shelters. As a board trustee, I will advocate for policies, programs and courses to prepare Palomar College students for gainful careers upon graduation. I will also support programs that build bridges between our students and local businesses to increase students’ practical knowledge of the real world. Last but not least, I will work with my colleagues and the community to strengthen the Police Academy and Fire Academy so that we can have more well-trained peace officers and firefighters to keep our County and our community safe. 


As a taxpayer living in this school district, I understand how precious every tax dollar means for the operations of Palomar College and acknowledge the fiscal responsibility the Governing Board must assume. If I am elected, I will promote financial transparency and make sure every dollar the school district spends is thoroughly evaluated. We must make the contractors and service providers accountable to deliver measurable project results and quality education. 


I am a veteran engineer with over 25 years of field experience and a track record of identifying solutions rather than finding problems. Easier said than done. No problem can solve itself. For good solutions to emerge, all possible outcomes and alternative scenarios must be evaluated in a rational and scientific manner. Emotion-based non-solutions have no place in my book and I am ready to roll up my sleeves for real solutions! 


I am an experienced and effective policy advocate, who has successfully organized a state-wide campaign that resoundingly defeated the racial-preference ballot measure Prop. 16 in 2020. The fact that over 57.2% of the California electorate voted for equal treatment should be encouraging for all! I wish to monitor and enhance the implementation of true equality on the Palomar campus, so that all educators, staff members, and students are treated equally with integrity and dignity, and without regard to their race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin.